...now THIS is the kind of characterization that keeps me reading Redemption Road...

  • Sam: For the most part, the room seems room-like. Four walls, a bed (if a strange one), some cabinets, a few decorative, oriental-looking vases, and a bright, leafy green bamboo plant in a stone-planter beside the large, heavy-looking door right in front of him. It's kind of Zen, though that's the Japanese way of saying it, and this room is pretty clearly Chinese. You know, from what he knows of Chinese stuff, having gone to school in California. What he means to say is, it's pretty standard, as far as he can tell, for a room decorated with some sort of Asian theme in mind.
  • But at the same time, on either side of the door, there is a pair of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, one to his immediate left and the other to his immediate right. Windows of course, aren't particularly the things of drug-addled nightmares, but to be fair to Sam, what he sees through the windows either means that he is currently in the home of Jensen Ackles — the actor who likes inappropriately large fish tanks in inappropriate places — or he's currently in a fancy Asian-inspired hotel room that is also underwater.
  • Cas: A plethora of wood-carved images greet his eyes as he glances around the room, all of them depictions of a famous journey taken thousands of years ago, an entire world away. The fierce countenance of Sun Wukong entering the Cave of the Water Curtains greets him from the left. When he turns his head in any which direction, the Monkey King is there as well, stealing the peaches from the heavenly gardens and gaining immortality in one depiction, or planting the flag at the peak of Flower Fruit Mountain and declaring himself the Great Sage Equal to Heaven in another.
  • Dean: The room is straight out of a goddamn Kung Fu movie.
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