Gorgeous 8 year old Snowshoe Siamese for Adoption - NY/CT/NJ

Ming is an 8 year old neutered male Snowshoe Siamese who is looking for his soulmate. He was pulled from the kill list from a high kill shelter just hours before he would’ve been put to death. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I will not be able to provide Ming with a permanent home. [Click here for a previous post about Ming.]

A bit about Ming:

Ming is VERY affectionate! He has loved everyone he has met, and will greet you with a purr and a head butt. His meow is extremely cute, and he likes to ask for attention, his food and he just likes to say hello!

Ming is a lover, not a fighter but he does “love bite”. Some cats show affection to their human and animal friends by nibbling and licking. These “love bites” have never been aggressive, but due to the size of his canines, they pinch a bit on bare skin! He has no problem if you gently push him away - but he will continue to purr and ask for more love. :)

Ming is in wonderful health, considering his ordeal. He came to me with a URI which is almost completely gone. He is obese, but is not suffering any side effects at all. I had a full blood panel done on him, and he is VERY healthy! All levels came back normal. He is up to date on all his shots and neutered. The hair that is gone on his back is a result of matting.


Ming would do best in a home with older children, and an experienced cat parent. His new person must be ok with his love bites, or be willing to work with him to channel his love elsewhere. Ming must be indoor only. He needs to lose weight, so high quality, low calorie food is a must. With a proper introduction he should be fine with other cats. He has NOT been dog tested. (Unless you have birds in a different room inaccessible to cats, Ming isn’t for you. He has shown a lot of interest in my cockatiel, who is terrified of him.)

If you are interested in adopting Ming, please email me at betheirsound@gmail.com. I will ask for your information, information of anyone in your household, personal references, vet reference etc. I will likely require a home visit. I am willing to drive up to two hours(NY/CT/NJ) to bring him to the perfect home. Please note: I will not adopt out to anyone who has outdoor cats, anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who doesn’t have references. 

If you are lucky enough to be adopted by Ming…

You’ll be getting one cool cat. 

Eco-friendly bamboo food/water dishes & his most favoritest bed.

1 year free of Home Again Microchip.

All his vet info (duh).

and a $25 gift card to the pet supply store of your choice. 

Please email me if you are interested. Please signal boost to help me match Ming up with his soulmate!

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